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Lost & Found Pets

Submit your lost & found pet report: The Lost & Found Pet Report can also be heard Weekday Mornings at 9:50am on 102.9 the Z.

FOUND: Yorkie on Cottonwood Road. Call Jeff at 416-8108

FOUND: 2 beautiful collies on Rock Springs Rd/Hawkins for the past few weeks if someone has lost them. They are kind of skittish and we cant get very close. Call 577-1148 or 715-0429 for info

LOST: Small yellow male cat named "Boo". Last seen Tuesday outside of the Harrison Animal Clinic when he escaped from his owner after having surgery. He may be a bit skittish and may not come when called. If seen, call Tammy at (870) 688-2277 or the Harrison Animal Clinic at (870) 741-6030

LOST: Female setter mix, white with brown spots wearing collar, answers to "Roxy". Male pitbull mix, caramel brown with no collar, answers to "Buddy". Both dogs are people friendly. Last seen Friday in the 2400 block of Moark. Call Carol Snyder 741-4192

LOST: Solid white, 2 year old male, Great Pyrenees dog wearing a black spiked collar with a rabies tag# 39100 and lamb bell. Last seen Friday night in the area of the 2600 block of Lampkin Drive. Reward offered for safe return. Contact Joy at (870) 365-6057.

LOST:  Mixed breed older dog, black and gray, lost in Gaither Mountain area, Orchard Point Road.  870-704-9909

FOUND:  Tan and White around 30 lbs - female - Pitbull mix on Capps Road near White Oak.  Extremely sweet.  870-688-1504

LOST: Orange male tiger cat named "Harley" wearing a pink collar. Last seen in the area of Maxie Camp Road in Bellefonte. Call Kayla at 417-720-0201

LOST: Red billy goat named "Red", last seen in the area of Old Cricket in Omaha. Call April at 754-0322

FOUND: Redheeler, intact male. Young, about 1 year to 18 months. Found in Batavia. Call 688-2267

FOUND: Gray Schnauzer wearing a collar with a red tag in the area of the fairgrounds.

FOUND: White with brown spots, possibly a Blue Heeler with two silver eyes. Found in the area of south Old Farm Road 870-688-1983

LOST:  2 missing pitbull puppies, male is pure white and female brown and what.  Lost in area of Omaha on the lake.  870-426-5441