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Lost & Found Pets

Submit your lost & found pet report: The Lost & Found Pet Report can also be heard Weekday Mornings at 9:50am on 102.9 the Z.

FOUND: Pug.  Black &Gray in color.  Found in the area of Sherwood Estates. 870-741-5293

FOUND: Great Pyrenees not sure if male or female. Very friendly. Showed up on Early Lane next to B J Manufacturing in Batavia around Tuesday April 15th. 870-754-4009

FOUND: Older male chocolate lab in the area of Center Loop and Prosperity Lane (north of Bear Creek).

LOST: Beagle.  Last seen in the Weelington Addition on Bunker Rd.  479-790-6024

FOUND: Border Collie mix. Found in the Bellefonte area.  870-354-3511

LOST: Beagle.  Last seen this morning around Bunker Rd.  479-790-6024

Large 15 year old Chocolate Lab missing in the Cottonwood Rd - Bear Creek area.  870-704-8062

FOUND:  German Shephard or Husky mix. It is in the area of 125 Industrial Park Road with a pink collar on.  Looks like she has just had puppies.  They have no way to put up but will be roaming in the area.


LOST: Redish Female Daschund. Lost in area of Lucille Street North of Hospital. 870-416-8705.

FOUND: Black dog.  Looks like a Border Collie.  Last seen wondering around the Fedex parking lot.

LOST: Female Tabby Cat.  Missing in the area of West Branch & Redwood in Harrison. Missing for over a week. 870-741-4076

FOUND: Small dog.  Tan & White in color.  Found around Wet Rogers Ave. in Harrison. 870-365-9332

LOST: 1 Sorrow Horse and 1 Painted Horse. Last seen near Hwy 14 & Hwy 281, running fast towards Omaha.

LOST: Medium sized, male dog.  Looks like a Dalmatian with a solid black head.  Last seen 3/2814 on South Pine.  870-365-5964

LOST:  Female brown lab mix, 3 yrs old lost in the Ridgeway area.  Has been missing since Monday. 

Found - Little black dog, possibly a Chihuahua.  Found on 7 North, Harrison.  870-741-6565

Lost: Long Horn Bull, JD Brand on side.  Last seen in the area of Hwy 43 & Herb Terry, by Forest Heights in Harrison.  Call 870-715-5486

Found: Small Black and white, male dog.  Found in the area of old Hwy 65 and the Ozark View RV Park in Omaha. 419-902-5046

Found: Black and white female dog, has a square head. found in the area of HWY 7 and Grubb Springs.

Found:  Female boxer - Fawn color with white markings.  South Lead Hill, 870-577-1498

Found: Great Dane.  Brindle in color.  Found in the area of Bear Creek and Hwy. 14 in Omaha, AR. 
Call 870-426-6887, for more information.

Australian shepherd/border collie cross puppy that is about 8 weeks old. She got out of her cage on the back the truck whiledriving down the hwy. She can be anywhere from Ramsey Motors to the wedding chapel in Bellefonte. Call 417-880-1072 or 870-688-6634, with any information.

Lost:  White Pyrenees Female - Very gentle.  Lost in the area of Hwy 65 in Omaha.  870-715-9129
Found:  Dark blonde, long haired pup.  Not sure of the breed.  Found in the Clear Creek area.  Call 870-429-6535, for more information.

Lost: White minature Schnauzer.  His ears and tail is are not cropped.  Last seen Saturday near Flexsteel and Windstream area.  Call 870-204-1631 with any information.

Found:  Black and White, Pekingese(possibly) - female in the vicinity of North Spring Road.  870-204-4400

Found:  One Chocolate Lab and One Black Lab on the side of Hwy 65, between Harrison and Omaha. 

Found: Black Scottie. Found around the Boone County Courthouse in Harrison.  Call 870-741-1314, for more information.

Found:  2 German Shepards are running down Hwy 62, last seen in front of Witty's Car lot. 

Found:  Brownish, red Terrier mix.  She is little but very healthy.  She wandered into the Holiday Inn Express.  Please call 870-577-0501 or 870-741-3636. 

Found: Black & tan, male, Walker Hound. Found in the Pyatt area, on County Road 4010.  For more information, call 870-427-3482 or 870-321-1284.

Lost: black Lab female 6yrs old. Lost male Yorkie mix 4yrs old. Ridgemont subdivision next to Skyline school. Missing since Friday February 14. Please call 479-650-0816 if you have seen them.

Lost: Great dane & Lab mix. Male, 2 yrs old, black & white. Last seen on Ayrs Rd off of Sandflat Rd & Wpa Rd in Alpena. If you see him please call 870-437-2387

Lost: Male Rottweiler & Large White Goat Dog. Last seen Tuesday off  Terrapin Creek Rd. They may be trying to make his way back to his home in town, he has done this before. If seen please call  870-743 3319.