"Mother's Day"
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05/01/2013 12:02PM
Mother's Day
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05/02/2013 2:57PM
My mom is the best because she knows when I need comfort and when i need a good laugh.
05/02/2013 3:01PM
i love you
you are the best mom someone could ever have and you are the best cuddler ever.
05/03/2013 6:57AM
my mom
i love my momma, because she has always been there for me. she has been both my dad and mom since i was eleven. there is no words for how much i love her and how grateful i am to havee her as my mom. she was my first love, was there when my heart was broken. she never left me and was always there by my side in everything i do, frim sporst to pageant to honor assemblies. i love my mom, tammy martin soo much!
05/03/2013 11:05AM
Our Nonna
I have two beautiful baby girls and being a single parent is an amazing blessing but often times a struggle. My momma has been the most amazing nonna to my girls since day one! She is always willing to help us with anything and everything we need. She goes above and beyond! I don't know what we would do without her.
05/05/2013 9:54PM
My Momma
I love my Mom! She always puts her five girls and her five son in laws (which she calls her sons) and six grandkids FIRST! My Mom has been there for me as adult when you just need to here it will all work out. When any of kids needs her she is ALWAYS there. My Mom always has the shoulder to cry on, ears to listen or just to have a good laugh. She is the best MOM in the world!
05/06/2013 12:44PM
My Mom
My mom is the strongest woman I have ever known. She has always been there for my sister and I, she is a cancer survivor and never once did she let sickness keep her down. She has stood by my side through thick and thin. Not only is she my mom she is my hero and insperarion to be the best i can be! 870-577-1444
05/06/2013 3:35PM
Mom,the joy of my life.
My mom passed away,only 2 short years ago,but seems to be forever,we grew up on a farm in northwest Arkansas,on the kings river,we gardened,so we always had food,she was so great,my dad was never around for us,we always managed,to get through,the hard times,it help make me,a better person,and taught me to be a great dad ,to my daughter.i was blessed to have her in my,479-936-4472
05/07/2013 6:27AM
Patti Terherst
My Mother-in-law is amazing! She is very family oriented and such a loving woman. Always there for us whatever we need lots of times putting her own needs aside. She is always there for a talk, a hug, or whatever else you may need. She is the best Mom anyone could ever ask for and I am so glad she is my Mother-in-law! She has been through a lot lately and is coming through strong. We are very blessed to have her!!
05/07/2013 11:29AM
my momma
my mom has been a wonderful momma for 51 years , always putting family first , I love you momma .
05/08/2013 8:11AM
The go to mom
So many times I have come to you mom for advice and for help. You are always my rock and my shield. Words enough alone can't express how much I love you and I am thankful that god made you my mother. I love you mom.
05/08/2013 10:49AM
Precious Mama
My mama is the most amazing person that I know. She is always there during the good times and the bad. She is the most wonderful granny I know and spoils her grandkids rotten. I love her and want her to know that she is the reason that I am who I am today. She never gave up on me or my brother. She is our guiding light in this world. She taught us to be honset, caring people and I am thankful for the opportunity to tell eveyone that I am so glad that I can call her my Mama.
05/09/2013 10:14AM
Judy Epley
My Mom is amazing in every way! She is always there for us! She has raised her 5th generation of our Family. No matter how bad she feels, she puts everyone else's need above her own. She will turn 91 in Dec and can be found working in her garden when the weather is warm! Our Family has certaily been blessed with our Mom's love!
05/09/2013 10:25AM
To my mom with love
MY mom is miles away from me but I love her with all my heart. I wish I could see her but at least I tell her everyday I love her.
05/09/2013 11:12AM
Marie Dexter
My biological family has chosen to distance themselves from me because of their religion. My dear friend Hilda has done so much to fill the void of mother in my life. She has listened to me rant and rave, has held me when I cried, has cared for me when I was sick and has chastised me when I needed it. The LORD has been gracious to place this woman who has chosen to love me in my life. Hilda does not have to be so generous of herself to me, and she has shown me a mothers love when my own mother has chosen to with hold it. I am more grateful than I can say. I love you, Hilda, and pray God's continued blessing and anointing on your life and the life.
05/09/2013 12:43PM
Mahala Lee
I love my mommy. Like a fat kid loves cake.She is the best ever no one could replace her I love you mom
05/09/2013 3:57PM
The Backbone
My Mom has taught me so much more than she may ever know. If I were to give her one compliment, it would be that I cannot wait for the day I become more like her.
05/09/2013 4:44PM
Ethan Marshall
My mom is the best on in the world, not only is she my mom but my best friend. She always makes time for me ever if she has a hundred things going on and not only is she a super mom to me, she has been a mom to 7 foster kids in the past two years always making them fill like they are part of this family. Thank you God for giving me the BEST MOM!
05/09/2013 6:05PM
Kim Crow
My mom is the most wonderful Mom in the world. She has always put me and my sit first, and is wonderful with everyone. She has been fighting breast cancer for the last three years and is brave and strong in her fight, she says she does it for me and my sister and the family. I love her with all of my heart.
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